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Building a brand identity isn’t easy. It’s a skilled task, which usually involves a host of experts who understand the nuances of design, purpose, positioning and a whole lot of other things a small, unfunded, not-for-profit start-up doesn’t typically have access to. Let alone when you want to bring a complete brand to market in under a week.

But for all the challenges a start-up has, there also comes great agility. Once we’d settled on the name, we needed to create our brand identity. In stepped the quite remarkable Sarah…

Seize the Yay

Sarah describes herself in her Instagram bio as lawyer turned funpreneur. But naturally, she’s a whole lot more than that. She’s proven her business nouse across various wildly successful business ventures, she’s interviewed a veritable who’s who on her podcast Seize the Yay and her blog is an insight to everything one needs to have fun and survive in these wild, modern times.

There’s a whole lot more to Sarah, including her public speaking and most recently, contribution to Relief Run, which raised over $1M for the Red Cross.

How did we get so lucky to have such a talented, kind and generous chick step in to build our brand? We’re not entirely sure, but we’re counting our lucky stars.

The Brief

Think of all the things that you’d associate with a challenging client: no money, tight deadline (read: want it now), no history or brand equity to draw on, no prior relationship and both you and the instructing party stretched way (way, way) too thinly due to full-time job and supporting charity efforts. Welcome to the brief for the logo for Animal Patrons Australia.

The actual brief read exactly like this:

The purpose of the organisation is to act as a hub to receive products, which will then be disbursed primarily to Victoria but may include other regions. Products we will be receiving and disbursing including food for all animal species, medical supplies (such as bandages, burns creams, needles, IV lines, etc), products (relating to the care of animals, storage and general goods), fuel vouchers as well as receiving cash donations. We are applying for our certification to legally be able to receive cash contributions, which we hope to have in about 40 days.

The logo should be representative of all animals. Whilst wildlife is a priority, we are inclusive of all species through our efforts.

And from that short overview, which could hardly be described as a proper brief due to the absence of critical elements like colours, tag lines, design style, inspiration – and all the other things which should have been included.

But we needed to fear not, we had Sarah weaving her magic.

An iconic heart with a paw was everything we wanted but hadn’t been able to articulate. Sarah was able to take our jumbled, emotional plea and visualise it to create this simple design which embodied our Purpose and Values, which would not be written until many days later.

We love the finished result:

Some words from Sarah

Naturally, we became fast friends with Sarah. It was simply impossible not to respect and adore this “lawyer turned funpreneur”, who is so faceted yet grounded. We asked Sarah to share a few words on why assisting Animal Patrons Australia was important to her:

While our beautiful nation has been burning and the effects have been devastating, the way the local and global communities have rallied to support those suffering has been heart warming in a way not many of us has felt before. While the human crisis is glaring, the effect on Australian wildlife and animals comes to mind less immediately, so Karan’s work has stood out as a beacon for us all as to how we can help. We all have skills that can be of use even in the smallest or least expected ways and it was an honour to be able to help Animal Patrons Australia with a small part of what they have brought to life for the most important cause.

Sarah Davidson, @spoonful_of_sarah

Thank you, Sarah

Sarah, thank you for injecting your energy and enthusiasm into our world. Thank you for shaping our identity. And, thank you for making your support of Animal Patrons Australia a priority when you had so many other worthy priorities.

Patrons, we’d love it if you could jump on over and leave a note of thanks on Sarah’s Instagram @spoonful_of_sarah. And, for plenty more inspo on how to Seize the Yay, her blog is the place to be!

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