Kindness Impact Update 4: April 2020


Update from Animal Patrons Australia Founder

As we face a 24/7 cycle of confronting news, it’s also heart-warming to hear the acts of kindness taking place in communities. From wherever you’re reading this message, I hope it finds you safe and healthy.

Business Continuity

We’re working hard to understand how we can continue to service our community in this time of unparalleled hardship. Demands are continuing to increase and we are working to our best capacity to service those in need.

Now our business continuity plans are in place, we’ll resume our regular video and social media updates. Thank you for your patience during our short absence.

Your Kindness Impact this week…

This week we’ve:

  • had multiple calls with sanctuaries in NSW and Victoria
  • dispatched orders to NSW-based sanctuaries
  • put in place mechanisms to support domestic pets of families affected by COVID-19

We understand pets are family. Right now, many families are hurting and facing financial challenges. For those dealing financial hardship and need support with food or supplies for your pets, please contact us and we’ll do our very best to assist.

And, importantly this week, we’ve diverted medical supplies to support nurses working on the front line fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. These include face masks, gloves and gowns, which are essential personal protection equipment for medical practitioners. We are confident that Patrons would support this decision.

Distribution Centre closed but we’re still open

For the time being, we’ve closed our Distribution Centre for in-person deliveries and pick-ups. But, this doesn’t mean our work has stopped. In fact, we’ve had more demand than ever placed on our services as support organisations, business and personal resources are stretched to the limit.

Here’s what you can do to support us:

  • Arrange an online order for delivery to our Postal Address from this week’s supply list
  • Make a once-off or recurring donation to our account, which will enable us to respond with immediacy to requests for help


Deliveries are still occurring, although the process is a little more protracted than it would usually be. I pick orders at the Distribution Centre, bring them home (sometimes this involves multiple trips), pack each order and book a courier for pick-up of goods. Where possible, we’re arranging non-contact deliveries to eliminate freight costs but this is becoming increasingly difficult, which is why your cash donation is so important right now.

My lovely friend, Lauren has written a fabulous blog on ‘5 animal themed ways to captivate your kids (and selves) during isolation’, which will be published shortly. We’ll let you know as soon as that’s online.

For now, if you can assist us with our supply list or a donation, we’ll be happy-dancing knowing your act of kindness can be extended to those in desperate need.

Be safe. Be healthy. Stay home.

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Main photo: our dogs Fella and Tidda. I chose this photo because it always makes me smile and it seems, now more than ever we should look to take delight in things we might otherwise take for granted.

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