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Australia has experienced unprecedented catastrophic events, resulting in devastated habitats and the lives of billions of animals being lost.

No single organisation could anticipate the needs or manage the impact of this disaster. Animal Patrons Australia was formed to provide centralised support to sanctuaries, carers and individuals for animal welfare efforts in times of disaster.

Our Purpose and Values

Animal Patrons Australia has a driving purpose to enable the rescue and rehabilitation of animals affected by disaster.

In response to the generosity of community and the absence of a primary, centralised distribution point for emergency supplies; the first week of informal operation saw our efforts fuel multiple semi-trailers, fixed body trucks and private vehicles to distribute supplies; provide emergency funding for essential prescription medical supplies to vets in disaster zones; collect over 1.4 ton and approximately 50 cubic metres of donations; receive promises for hundreds pallets more; secure temporary warehouse facilities and mobilise a network of volunteers.

Our Values will deliver on our Purpose with Kindness, Action and Advocacy for all animals.

Our Name

A Patron is one who supports with money, gifts, efforts or endorsements.

Our name, Animal Patrons Australia is to thank and acknowledge the individuals and organsations who so generously supported our efforts in the beginning. And, to those who will support our work into the future.

What We Do

Utilitising an extended network and donations from the community, we receive essential and general supplies necessary for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.

Private individuals and organisations can donate goods, services or money; which is allocated on a priority and fairness basis via our Melbourne Distribution centre. Primary support is offered to Victoria, South Australia and NSW, however our resources are extended to as widely as we are capable.

Our Distribution Centre is currently located in loaned, temporary warehousing and we hope to secure our own central Melbourne premises in early 2020 to provide streamlined logistics, distribution and a place for our volunteers and community to focus their efforts.

Animal Patrons Australia also distribute funds to vets for the purchase of controlled medical supplies and to third-party transporters to deliver supplies into disaster zones. We are pending Registration as a Fundraiser to be able to legally extend our fundraising capability to be able to provide funding relief to private sanctuaries and rescues. We anticipate this Registration to be granted in February, 2020.


Our organisation has appointed an Advisory Board comprising of highly experienced logistics, sustainability, management and legal practitioners.

We also consult with other leaders in Not For Profit, Charity and relevant sectors.

Animal Patrons Australia is an incorporated company working towards accreditation as a Not For Profit and to appoint a fuller Board. While our Not For Profit status is being established, we operate as though it is in place. Our organisation is run purely by volunteers and 100% of funding and donations received directly supports our driving Purpose and Values.

We take governance, compliance and transparency seriously and adhere to legislative requirements and best practice approach in all our actions. As our organisation grows, so too will the Board and team to ensure best practice is not only maintained but exceeded.

Donating to Animal Patrons Australia

Each week we publish an updated supplies list which is compiled from direct requests from sanctuaries together with information we have gathered from other sources, such as private and public chat forums. We request that any donated goods align with a recently published supply list to ensure your effort is having a direct beneficial impact in affected communities and to minimise any costs in sorting and storing unnecessary goods.

We encourage you to contact us if you or your business can become a benefactor for Animal Patrons Australia by providing ongoing financial support.

Volunteering with Animal Patrons Australia

Volunteering with Animal Patrons Australia is an opportunity to enact kindness to animals by donating your time, skills and advocacy of our work.

Visit our Take Action page to submit a Volunteer application.

Thank You!

Our work has only just begun. Thank you for being with us to build new era of compassion for animals.

We hope you follow our impact and join the conversations on Facebook and Instagram.

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