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FRANKiE4 are well-known for being the healthier option for fashion footwear. We’ve been fans for years of this Australian brand, who have so beautifully merged physiotherapy and podiatry into fashion footwear. And, we can’t deny we love the fact that FRANKiE4 HQ is a dog-friendly office where staff can bring their best friends to work.

FRANKiE4 activates national network

We heard from FRANKiE4 on the first day of collecting supplies for Australian animals affected by bushfires. As a health practitioner founded brand, FRANKiE4 wanted to activate their network of 20,000+ medical practitioners and 300,000+ loyal customers to support the animal victims of the bush fires.

And activate they did!

Within 24 hours we had donation after donation rolling in from the generous FRANKiE4 community. So much so we needed to immediately expand our storage capability to manage the extraordinary volume of supplies.

We’ll soon share more news from the generosity of the FRANKiE4 community. At the time of writing this post, we have another 600kg of incoming product, so no doubt – there will be plenty of news to share!

For now, Animal Patrons Australia extend their deepest gratitude to the FRANKiE4 community. Be sure to pop by and leave a message of thanks for them on Instagram here or Facebook here.

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