An important message on cash donations

UPDATE: Feburary, 2020

We are delighted to announce Animal Patrons Australia is now a Registered Fundraiser and are now legally permitted to accept donations. If you can assist with a once-off or recurring donation, you can donate here.

January, 2020

Fundraising activity in Victoria is regulated by Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

With this regulation comes a number of requirements and statutory obligations to Register as a Fundraiser with Consumer Affairs Victoria, if there is an intention to raise more than $10,000. As it is our intention to raise sums (hopefully, far) in excess of this amount, we are taking the necessary steps to be duly authorised to receive cash donations.

Until such time as our Registration has been granted, we are unable to accept cash donations. However, if you would like to register your interest in donating once we have approvals in place, please email our Founder, Karan.

Whilst we’d very much like to be in a position to be receiving cash donations, we respect governance and compliance with these requirements. Sadly, we also know that support for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals affected by disaster will need to be established as an essential service for the long term. Animal Patrons Australia is building a sustainable long-term solution, so we will follow all rules and processes respectfully.

While we await a decision on Fundraising Registration, we do encourage you to continue donation of goods from the current supplies list, or contact us to put you in touch with a sanctuary or carer who can directly receive a cash donation.

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